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Speak with a Code Expert

Can I do X with Y? We'll dissect your idea for a prototype or automation project. We can build it together properly so it correctly aligns with your needs.

1:1 Video Code Tutoring

An expert, right there with you to bring your idea to digital life. Get it done interactively with 1:1 code tutoring via video & chat. Pair programming available.

Ongoing Project Support

As your idea develops, know that you have on-hand support, there to answer your questions and help you reach your goal. Maintenance plan details.

Rapid Application Development... pretty r.a.d.

Drupal 7

Backend PHP framework with full-featured CMS

  • Modelling Custom Content Types
  • Creating Custom Modules
  • Understanding the Theming Layer
  • API Service Endpoints
  • Building Custom Features
  • Your Own Custom CLI Commands
  • Site Migration Support


Full-featured CMS and website builder

  • Custom Post Types/Advanced Custom Fields
  • Plugin installation & setup
  • Security & Performance
  • Theme installation & setup
  • Website migration: code/database/files
  • WooCommerce: products & advertising
  • WP-CLI: command-line administration


The scripting language that powers most of the web

  • Documenting Logic
  • Software Design Patterns
  • Debugging Loops
  • Composing and Untangling Arrays
  • Page Render Performance
  • Password Hashing
  • Working with Session storage


Rock solid hosting for Drupal and Wordpress apps

  • Digging Through the Dashboard
  • Accessing the Code Environment
  • Getting to Know the Database Schema
  • Terminus: Pantheon's CLI
  • New Relic: performance monitoring
  • Multidev: individual feature branches
  • Redis: in-memory key/value store


Easier Javascript

  • Javascript + PHP
  • Asynchronous HTTP Requests
  • Interacting with the DOM
  • Variable Scopes and $(this)
  • Events, triggers, listeners and logging
  • Display effects for visual communication

New Relic

App profiler and performance analyzer

  • Monitoring Agent
  • APM Transactions
  • Query Optimization
  • Code Performance
  • Memory Leaks
  • Line-level Inspection

Latest Reviews

"Always looking for a better solution and excels with out of the box thinking. I cannot recommend highly enough."

- Ian Jones, Sr. Software Engineer

"Patient with his listening, swift in his implementation - they were able to sense what I was hoping for. Years later I would not change a thing."

- Samantha Fox, Founder, Samantha Fox Care Consulting

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Working Session

1-hour session over Zoom


A video call of up to 1 hour where we'll work together on your project.

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Working Session

2-hour session over Zoom


A video call of up to 2 hours where we'll work together on your project.

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Custom development

I'll work on your app for you


Custom app development based on your spec. Contract may be required.

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About me

I'm Zvi Epner, expert Drupal and Wordpress developer.

Over the past twenty years, I've helped build some of the largest and well-known website platforms you've heard of.

During that time I worked extensively on features, debugging, refactoring and performance analysis.

My goal

I hope to equip ordinary people to create apps & integrations that empower their businesses and enrich their lives.

Whether that is creating a web app from scratch or automating part of your business processes.

I'm here to give you the tools and insights necessary to built your perfect app.

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